PTSC Quang Ngai Joint Stock Company

PTSC Quang Ngai was established in 1998. Over the years, PTSC Quang Ngai has become one of the top leading companies in the field of providing oil, gas, and industrial services in Vietnam and continuously to expand our products and services to the worldwide markets.

Contact Information

Contact Information


Port Operation and Logistics Services

  • Logistics Service
  • Warehouse & Storage Yard
  • Freight Forwarding.
  • Handling & Transporting Cargo 
  • Cargo Handling.
  • Customs Clearance Service
  • Equipment & Vehicle for rent
  • Shipping Agency Service
Port Operation and  Logistics Services

Towage service and Marine Service

  • Towage service;
  • SPM & Jetty maintenance Service;
  • Oil spill response;
  • Stand- by service 
Towage service and Marine Service

Repair & Maintenance Service

  • Shutdown maintenance (TA)
  • Daily maintenance 
  • Modification work
  • Blasting, Painting
  • Piping work
  • Heat exchanger, boiler, pressure vessel...
  • Manpower supplier
  • Scaffolding
  • Inspection services
  • Static Equipment
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Piping components & Valve
  • Technical Support
  • Tank-Drum-Vessel
  • E, C&I
  • Tie-in Work
Repair & Maintenance Service

Mechanical and Construction Service

  • Civil Work
  • Piping work
  • Structure Work
  • Tank Work
  • Equipment Installation
  • E&I Work
  • Pressure Components Manufacture
Mechanical and Construction Service


PTSC has sucessfully built and implemented QHSE integrated management system to meet certificates requirement for its businesses and services, inline with international business integration trend, market expansion target, satisfy customer requirement: 

  • QHSE certificates ISO   45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015 và ISO 9001:2015;
  • Stamp certificates ASME “U”, “S” và NB “R”  for pressure vessel and boiler fabraication, installation, mainteanance, revamp following ASME standards.
  • ISO 3834-2Certificate ISO 3834-2 Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials-comprehensive quality requirements, certified by Lloyd Register, confirming PTSC welding work and capacity in mechanical product fabrication to meet international standards,
  • EN 1090-2 (CE Marking) of structural steelwork fabrication for civil and industrial contructional works,  capable to export to Europe as well as EFTA.
  • Certificate CSA W47.1 certified by CWB for Fusion Welding of Steel in fabricating products for export to Canada

Development of resources


Possessing 7 service tugboats/vessels with capacity from 450 HP to 4750 HP and more than 17 years of experiences, we are in such high demand for this type of service due to our expertise and capabilities. PTSC Quang Ngai is one of the most flexible and diversified marine service provider in central coast of Vietnam and will look forward to extending that quality of services overseas. 

With experienced professional and dedicated teams and well invested facility, we are always committed to supplying best services to our valued customers:

  • Modern vehicles and facilities
  • Professional staff and crews
  • Stand-by service 24/24
  • Quick response ability
  • Efficient response to oil spill and fire, explosion prevention
  • Patrol to quickly detect oil and chemistry spill
  • Stand-by for oil spill at river, sea ports, terminals…


PTSC Quang Ngai is the leading seaport operator in the Dung Quat Economic Zone. PTSC Quang Ngai is opreating Dung Quat Port – Berth No.1& Berth No.2 with annual cargo throughput capacity of more than 1.6 million tons. Carrying over loading and unloading thousands tons of goods, equipment for building Dung Quat Refinery, DoosanVina Heavy Industry Factory. PTSC Quang Ngai provide discharging and transporting service for importing and exporting most of commercial goods for Quang Nam, Quang Ngai and Dung Quat Economic Zone. As core services, supply base and port services are being intensively invested, upgraded and expanded to meet the rapidly growing demand of exploration, production activities in VietNam and overseas.


  • Berth capacity: 70,000 DWT (Woodchips) 50,000 DWT (General cargo)
  • Length of Wharf: 210 M+71 M
  • Depth of Berth: -11M
  • Depth of turning basin area: -11M
  • Channel depth: -12M
  • Diameter of Turning basin area: 300M
  • Mooring Bollard: 12 sets
  • Buffer System: 20Sets
  • Loading/unloading rate: 7,500-15,000 tons/day
  • General warehouse: 1,250 m²
  • Stock-yard: 50,000 m²
  • Fender  system: 20 sets


  • Berth capacity: 70,000 DWT 
  • Berth length: 160 M
  • Depth of Berth: -4.2 M(-7.3 m after expansion)
  • Channel depth: -12M
  • Stock-Yard: 42,500 m²
  • General warehouse: 3,600 m²


  • Berth length: 70 M
  • Depth of Berth: -7 M
  • Channel depth: -6 M
  • Diameter of Turning basin area: 105 M
  • Stock-Yard: 6,400 m2

Dung Quat Mechanical workshop

In response to the growing pace of development, PTSC Quang Ngai has invested in infrastructure, workshop and manufacturing yard in Dung Quat Economic Zone with an area of 80.000 m2, equipped with modern machinery and equipment that connect to Dung Quat Port Berth No. 1 and No. 2 to form the base of oil and gas services for processing, manufacturing, maintenance of machinery and equipment and transportation to the construction site.

  • Total Area: 80,000 m²
  • Office area: 300 m²
  • Warehouse: 7,650 m²
  • Workshop: 7,497 m²
  • Open Storage: 41,897 m²

Fabrication of:

  • Steel structure
  • Piping
  • Equipment
  • Press Vessel & Tank


  • Steel structure: 40 tons/day
  • Piping: 2,000 ID/day
  • Painting: 40 tons/day

Facilities & Equipment: File attached.

Dung Quat Mechanical workshop