Transportation and loading of ship-loader module weighing nearly 1,500 tons

In September 2020, PTSC Phu My Port successfully performed the services of transportation by SPMT and loading by crane for an oversize-and-overweight module (the “ship-loader”) – weighing up to nearly 1,500 tons and measuring 137m, 25m and 43m in length, width and height respectively – to be exported to Canada.

LILAMA 18 is the contractor who carried out the fabrication of the ship-loader at an open yard in PTSC Phu My Port within one year, from August 2019 to August 2020, under a contract with its client TAKRAF. PTSC Phu My Port then conducted the transportation of the module from yard to jetty by SPMT and loading it onto MV JUMBO KINETIC by crane. JUMBO is one of the most reputable shipping companies in the world, specializing in handling and shipping oversize-and-overweight cargoes at the highest level of complexity in loading/unloading at ports and sea transportation.

This ship-loader has also been considered one of the heaviest modules to be handled in Vietnam in general and at PTSC Phu My Port in particular, under strict technical and safety requirements. The project has once again verified PTSC Phu My Port’s experience in the field of providing port-based services for heavy-lift cargoes such as fabrication yard or lifting equipment leasing, transportation by SPMT, loading/unloading and berthing