The annual general meeting of share holders 2017

In the morning of 28th April 2017 at Caravell Hotel, PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation (PTSC) sucessfully organized the annual general meeting of share holder 2017 with the presence of representatives from major shareholders, namely PetroVietnam (PVN) , Leaders of PTSC as the participation of hundreds of individuals representing the Shareholders who are investors, organizations, individuals currently owning shares of PVS.

On behalf of the Board of Management, Mr. Thai Quoc Hiep – Chairman , Mr. Phan Thanh Tung – Member , CEO; Mr. Nguyen Van Mau – Member , Vice President presented report the business performance in 2016, the Board of Management’s activities and the financial statement.

Reports addressed at the General Meeting clearly stated that 2016 is the difficult year for the oil and gas industry in general and PTSC in particular because sharp decline in crude oil price so far has directly affected the production and business activities of PTSC. With PVN’s supports and the highly appreciated efforts, strong determination, creativeness, dynamics and spirit to overcome difficulty of the Board of Management and the whole staff of PTSC in the context of difficulties and challenges, PTSC brought the highest benefits for the share holders and all employees.

On behalf of PetroVietnam, Mr. Pham Xuan Canh acknowledged and highly appriciated the efforts of the whole employees of PTSC in 2016 and commited to create favorable conditions for PTSC to maintain business stability and deserve one of the best members of PetroVietnam.

End of the meeting, the Board of Management delivered sincere thanks to the shareholders and acknowledged their supports with determination of more severe difficulties that PTSC would face with in 2017. However, bringing into full play of the tradition of a “Hero of Labour” unit, Leaders and all employees of PTSC would continue to effort to keep the objectives of maintaining business stability and performance, seizing every opportunity to overcome challenges for successful implementation of the responsibilities entrusted by the General Meeting.

After a half-day of working seriously and effectively, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2017 of PTSC successfully concluded with absolutely approved reports and statements.