PTSC delegation visit clients and partners in the Middle East

From 12th November to 17th November 2023, a delegation of PTSC had a business trip to the Middle East to promote marketing activities with clients, partners in exploring opportunities providing services in this area.  During this trip, PTSC delegation visited to headquarters of major Operators and Investors in oil & gas and energy sector such as NMDC Energy (formerly NPCC), North Oil Company (NOC), Qatar Energy, Qatar Energy LNG (formerly Qatar Gas). At the meetings, PTSC management had introduced general information about PTSC with core businesses being provided by PTSC in Vietnam as well as worldwide. The parties proactively discussed, explored the opportunities to bring PTSC’s core services to customers, partners in Middle East, including: marine vessels; geological survey vessels, ROV, repair of subsea facilities; HUC, conversion, commissioning, browfield modification for offshore facilities; EPCIC offshore for oil & gas structures; collaboration in offshore wind energy, etc. In addition, PTSC delegation also discussed with clients, partners about the possibility of being involved in upcoming oil & gas projects as well as the solutions to enhance cooperation between the parties in the coming time.
Throughout the discussions, clients and partners are highly appriciated PTSC’s capacity and services quality in previous projects and believed that the expansion of PTSC’s services to the Middle East is a right move in the context of booming of Middle East Oil & Gas sector not only in the scale but also in the number of projects aiming at increasing production in this area. On behalf of the delegation, PTSC management expressed its sincere gratitude to clietns, partners for their support and looked forward to further collaboration and opportunities to provides PTSC’s services to the Middle East.

PTSC delegation at NOC’s headquarter

In this occasion, PTSC delegation also visited PTSC Middle East Branch office, located in Abu Dhabi, capital of UAE and also went onboard of PTSC Sai Gon (supply vessel operating by PTSC Marine) which was being accomplished final inspection and upgrade prior moving to Saudi Arabia serving for Saudi Aramco’s project. Previously, PTSC Sao Vang had started to work for a drilling campaign by Saudi Aramco from August 2023.

PTSC delegation onboard PTSC Sai Gon

During the trip, PTSC delegation received a good news that POS (PTSC’s subsidiary) and its partners had been awarded contract for CRPO 135 to convert 03 WHP, remove and replace new topsides, convert Riser Platform. In which, POS shall provide offshore HUC, commissioning and conversion/modification. The above business trip re-affirms the determination of PTSC and its subsidiaries in exploring business opportunities, enhancing the provision of PTSC’s core business abroad especially the Middle East in the context of reducing development activites of domestic and regional on oil and gas projects.  

Nguyen Manh Hung