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Signing Contract of Delivering, Managing and Exploiting Hon La Port – Phase 1

Contract Hon La Port – Phase 1

On 08 November 2008, at Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh, Petroleum Technical Services Corporation (PTSC) and the Department of Traffic and Transportation in Quang Binh signed the contract of delivering, managing and exploiting Hon La Port (Quang Trach–Quang Binh) – Phase 1.

In attendance at the ceremony, there were Mr. Le Minh Hong – Deputy General Director of Petro Vietnam, Mr. Thai Quoc Hiep – Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of PTSC Board of Directors, Mr. Nguyen Hung Dung – Member of the Board of Directors, General Director of PTSC, Vice Presidents of Quang Binh People’s Committee, Mr. Nguyen Van Long – Director of the Department of Traffic and Transportation in Quang Binh, leaders from the municipal Departments, Bureaus, Offices and representatives from the Central and local media agencies.

Hon la Port belongs to Hon La economic zone in Quang Trach, Quang Binh, permitted by the Government and Quang Binh People’s Committee to undertake Phase-1 infrastructure investments according to Decision No. 1175/QD-UB dated 01 June 2001 and following decisions of adjustments. Presently, the balance-sheet of Phase 1 is being drawn to submit to the Government for approval of Phase 2 Investment.

1cang Hon La

cang Hon La

According to the contract, PTSC will receive, complete port-proclaiming procedures and proceed with the operation of Phase 1 to serve for the local economic development, concurrently undertaking the investment of Phase 2 right after receiving relevant documents appraised by the Prime Minister.

Addressing the signing ceremony, the leaders of Quang Binh People’s Committee affirmed the significance of the port in promoting the local socio-economic development. The representatives from PTSC also committed to concentrate out all-out efforts to bring the port to operation and invest the second phase as scheduled in the contract.