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Vice President - Nguyen Tran Toan

Vice President - Nguyen Tran Toan

DOB : 27/12/1964

Place of birth : Duc Hoa – Mo Duc – Quang Ngai

Qualification : Marine Machinery Engineer, Master of Business of Management

Foreign language : English 

Level of political theory: Advanced

Experience: Mr. Nguyen Tran Toan started working as a Engine Engineer in Shipping Transportation Hai Phong in late 1988 before joined PTSC as Head of Machinery Department in PTSC Marine in 1993. Being assigned many important positions in PTSC Marine, he contributed significantly to the development of PTSC Marine before promoted as Deputy Director of PTSC Mechanical & Construction (PTSC M&C) in 2001 and later Director of PTSC M&C. Mr Nguyen Tran Toan has created a strong and distinctive foundation for the growth of PTSC M&C in delivering mechanical services in oil & gas industry until 2007 as he was promoted as Vice President of PetroVietnam Technical Services Corporation.