Toward Enterprise Risk Management Model

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is currently one of the urgent requirements to ensure the sustainable development of the company in the context of increasing competitiveness and presence of various impacting factors to corporate operation.

PTSC Corporation has long been aware of the role of ERM in its sustainable development and has implemented risk management activities at its Headquarter and all Subsidiaries since 2016. Recently, in order to improve competence, update new knowledge for staffs in charge of Risk Management, PTSC Corporation organized a course named “Risk Management Approaches through ISO 31000 and COSO”.


The course updated risk management methods used in the world and provided responsible staffs with experience and knowledge on risk management. Speaking at the seminar, PTSC Board member Pham Van Dung emphasized the importance of risk management at PTSC Corporation and the Board’s commitment to applying a thorough risk management system for all corporate operations, integrating risk management into all corporate current regulations and procedures in a lean and effective manner.

Giving a speech at the end of the course, Mr. Tran Mac Quan – GM of Corporate HSEQ Division announced: “This course as one of the initial steps and PTSC management needs efforts of all employees to improve the ERM system, contributing to the sustainable development of PTSC Corporation in the future”.

Nguyen Duc Anh – HSEQ Division