Installation, Operation and Maintenance offshore facilities


Du an Air cooler (10) Picture2PTSC is the leading provider of offshore services not only in Vietnam but also in the region. Since 2002, PSTC has successfully provided these services to domestic and foreign oil and gas clients. The successes achieved in Operation & Maintenance (O&M), T&I, HUC services have been practically recognized, which is stable and sound basis for its development, contributing significantly to the annual revenue of PTSC.

These services include:

  • Fabrication of small to medium structures for offshore works such as skids, spools…;
  • Provision of Offshore Transportation and Installation services;
  • Provision of Offshore Hook-up and Commissioning services;
  • Provision of Offfshore Modification, Rejuvenation and other Brownfield services;
  • Provision of Operation & Maintenance services;
  • Supply of Manpower for operation and maintenance of oil and gas works;
  • Offshore Abandonment and Decommissioning services