Workshops on Commercial and Marketing Regulations and Supply Bases / Ports Coordination

On June 29th 2020, PTSC held the workshop on “Commercial and Marketing Regulations” and workshop on “Supply Bases / Ports Coordination” in Hai Phong.

Participants consist of delegates from PTSC’s Board of Management and Board of Directors; head of divisions, branches, and subsidiaries; personnel specialized in commercial and supply bases/ports operation and related services.

View of the workshop venue

Given the company’s prominent status in the oil, gas and energy service sectors, its geographical coverage and variety of services to support the petroleum industry, from upstream activities of exploration & production to the midstream and downstream activities of transportation and processing, PTSC considers it necessary to improve its management procedures and regulations on a regular basis. The Commercial and Marketing Regulations, when applied throughout the company, will therefore systematise administration and operation, improving performance of commercial and marketing activities, increasing efficiency of resources usage, managing risks and overlap of responsibilities, and contributing to the realisation of business plans and objectives, especially under the negative impacts of declining crude oil prices and the Covid-19 pandemic. Current circumstances, with a severe drop in service demand and ever-rising competition especially from the domestic private sector and trans-national petroleum service companies, calls for PTSC to maximise the strength of individual subordinate entities, as well as to take the most advantages of its scale and the chain of services it offers.

Presentation of Commercial and Marketing Regulations

The workshop drew lively discussions, with participants making constructive comments to finish the draft before putting into effect. Mr. Tran Hoai Nam – General Manager of Commercial Division – made the presentation and delivered clear answers.

A delegate joining the discussion

After listening to discussions, Mr. Le Manh Cuong – PTSC’s President & CEO – asserted the need for timely application of the Commercial and Marketing Regulations. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Mr. Do Quoc Hoan appreciated the efforts of the executives in putting together the texts, organising the workshop and affirmed the support of the Board of Directors for further improvement of the management system.

Mr Do Quoc Hoan – Member of PTSC’s Board of Directors – speaking at the workshop

Mr. Nguyen Tien Phong – General Manager of Planning and Investment Division – followed up with a presentation for the workshop on Supply Bases and Ports Coordination. PTSC operates 8 supply bases/ports throughout Vietnam, with 3,200 metres of jetty and 330 hectares of storage space, supporting various petroleum services and contributing to the provincial areas’ socio-economic development. The coordination of these bases and ports is therefore needed to increase performance and investment return, by sharing information, practices, resources and providing mutual assistance among ports and supply bases. Held for the second time, this workshop is an annual gathering intended for exchange of information and bases/ports operational know-how & experiences among PTSC’s bases/ports operators.

Presentation on Supply Bases / Ports Coordination

During the workshop, the participants provided valuable input regarding the struggles within their units, as well as the fierce competition in port services, which further highlight the requirement for a smooth coordination throughout PTSC to make the best use of each company’s competitive advantages.

Mr. Le Manh Cuong – PTSC’s President & CEO – delivering the closing speech

The workshops on Commercial and Marketing Regulations and Supply Bases / Ports Coordination concluded successfully after 4 hours of discussions. In his closing remarks, Mr. Le Manh Cuong – PTSC’s President & CEO – praised the organizers’ effort and the delegates’ active participation, re-iterating the importance of the Commercial and Marketing Regulation and requesting a prompt wrap-up and stipulation. With regards to the supply base and port services, the CEO shared his understanding of the difficulties faced by operators, and emphasised that the operators need to have a long-term business view, more proactive during operation, boosting up investment of infrastructure and equipment in pace with each operator’s scale and strength, as well as maintaining close cooperation among operators making the combined strength of PTSC as a whole in this field of service.

Nguyen Manh Hung – Le Tuan Vinh