PTSC Quang Binh

Contact Information

Contact Information



  • Management and operation of port;
  • Transport, Loading and Unloading, reservation and delivery of goods; and transport Petroleum products;
  • Shipping agent; Shipping broker; Chartering; towing and salvaging vessels;
  • National and domestic multi-transport services
  • Management and organization of activities relating to construction, mechanical, fabrication, commissioning, and completion of industrial project inside and outside the petroleum fiel;
  • Employee supplier;
  • Manufacture and trade in Petroleum products, Nitrogenous and Agricultural chemicals;

Mining resources

Storage and Equipments

  • Covered warehouse: 2,160 m2  , 2 520 m2 .
  • Open storage: 88,000 m2
  • Mobile cranes: Tadano 70 tons; 50 tons (02 units)
  • Crawler cranes of various capacities: 50t; 80t; 90t; 100t and 180 tons (05 units);
  • Fork lifts: 03 units from 05 ton to 07 ton;
  • Loaders: 04 units from 1.4 m3 to 2.5 m3  
  • Excavators: 04units PC 300 – PC400
  • Trucks and tractors trailer: 100 units from 1.2 ton to 32 ton
  • Electrical scales: 02 x 100 ton
  • Tugboat: 500Hp; 670Hp; 1440Hp; 1600Hp và 5000Hp
Storage and Equipments

Anchorage Area

PTSC Quang Binh have 02 anchorage areas

Capacity 40,000DWT vessel

  • Position: 17◦55’12’’N; 106◦31’12’’E
  • Deep  -10.5m

Capacity 60,000DWT vessel

  • Position: 17◦54’500’’N; 106◦32’500’’E 
  • Deep:  17m
Anchorage Area

Terminal and Jetty

  • Length of Jetty: 215m ; Draft at berth: -9.2m
  • Access channel: 2.9km and draft -8.2m
  • Diameter of turning area: 216m and draft -8.2m
  • Pilot station: 17◦54’55’’N; 106◦31’47’’E
  • Capacity: 30,000DWT vessel 
Terminal and Jetty